How we price:
Each wedding that we do is custom priced according to your needs. Our prices are based on time, labor, delivery area, and of course flowers. We work with each couple to find the perfect decoration to fit the style and budget of the event. We cannot give general pricing due to the incredible amount of detail that we incorporate into each of our custom weddings. We do not have packages nor do we do cookie cutter weddings. We believe that each bride and groom is different from the last so we strive to create weddings that are a reflection of the unique style and personalities of each couple.
Minimum Pricing:
Euflorea has a minimum of $1000.00 for delivery and set up of wedding flowers. However, your wedding is important to us regardless of budget. Give us a call to discuss options that are available for pick up or drop off.
Euflorea offers a free initial floral consultation. During your consultation, we will ask you many questions about your likes and dislikes and flush out all of the tiny details of your special day. A detailed and itemized floral estimate will be emailed to you within 48 hours.